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From left to right :

First line : C. Deutsch, V. Dugrain, K. Maussang, A. Sinatra, Li Yun.

Back line : J. Estève, R. Long, F. Haas, R. Gehr, G. Dubois, B. Besga, J. Volz, J. Reichel


The email adress has the general form : firstname.lastname

Permanent staff

Jakob Reichel, Full Professor (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), group leader

Romain Long, Maître de Conférences (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)

Alice Sinatra, Maître de Conférences (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), theory subgroup

Jérôme Estève, Junior scientist CNRS


Wilfried Maineult

Krzysztof Pawlowski

PhD students

Benjamin Besga

Vincent Dugrain

Sébastien Garcia

Florian Haas

Leander Hohmann

Hadrien Kurkjian

Claire Lebouteiller

Konstantin Ott

Ramon Szmuk

Former members

Yves Colombe ( Now at NIST-Boulder )

Christian Deutsch ( Now with Menlo Systems GmbH)

Guilhem Dubois ( Now with Astron-FIAMM, Toulon)

Roger Gehr ( Now with Swiss Re Ltd)

Yun Li ( Now at the University of Trento )

Felix Linke ( Now at BMW-Munich )

Kenneth Maussang ( Now at the Laboratory Pierre Aigrain )

Dominik Maxein (Now in the group <<Optique Quantique>>)

Friedemann Reinhard ( Now at the University of Stuttgart )

Tobias Schneider ( Now at the University of Munich )

Tilo Steinmetz ( Now with Menlo Systems GmbH)

Andreas Trottmann

Juergen Volz ( Now at the TU Wien)

Markus Zwerger

Personal homepages

Kenneth Maussang

Agrégé Préparateur ENS Ulm Contact : ENS-LPA

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Jakob Reichel

My personal homepage has moved here:˜reichel/.

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Jakob Reichel

Nouvelle adresse de ma page personnelle :˜reichel/.

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